Fire Safety

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 lays down basic requirements for minimising the risk from fires. These include:

  • Escape routes to a place of safety.
  • Fire-resistant doors and walls.
  • Fire fighting equipment.
  • Fire alarms.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • Safe storage of inflammable and dangerous materials.
  • Staff training.

You must ensure that your premises meet the standards set by the regulations.

  • If your building is substandard, you may need to make alterations.
  • If you are planning any alterations to your premises, you must ensure that these do not breach the regulations.

You, or a ‘responsible person’ you designate, must carry out a fire-risk assessment. If you have five or more employees, you must keep a written record of your assessments. Corporate and Public Safety can help you with this.

Your assessment should address the following stages:

  • Identify potential fire hazards.
  • Identify any people who may be at particular risk.
  • Evaluate the risks that exist, and take steps to remove or reduce them.
  • Draw up an emergency plan, and train your staff accordingly.,
  • Review your assessment regularly,

See the latest UK government Fire & Safety laws.

Corporate and Public Safety Ltd has strong local links to providers of fire safety equipment and specialist fire risk advice including the services of former senior fire officers holding membership of the Institute of Fire Engineers. We can help you obtain the best possible discounts on fire equipment and ensure that your business needs in relation to specialist advice can be met by local suppliers.

This is not an online’ shop and hope’ service. This is personal service from professionals in their field. Contact us for more information.