Food Safety

Corporate & Public Safety offer a full range of food hygiene inspection and auditing services to both small and large business. Our qualified consultants provide comprehensive, independent inspections with immediate reports that will show any detailed improvements if required. With our extensive client list, we provide a number of additional services which include:

  • HACCP implementation and design
  • Staff training up to level 4 in food hygiene and management
  • Investigation and defence for legal cases
  • Pre star/ scores on the doors inspections
  • Compliance audits
  • Overt or Covert auditing
  • Food Poisoning Allegations
  • EHO Actions & Litigation

We specialise in visits to small independent premises, we have provided confidential comprehensive advice that has assisted businesses not only to improve their services but also to ensure cost effectiveness while protecting the business. With our pre star/ scores on the doors audits, our clients can use this to expand their  business, be credited for quality as well as attracting new clients.

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